Spiritual Thoughts and Genealogy

Why Not to Give Up, Everyday Miracles

believeI want to share with you WHY I believe what I believe. I know many of you may not have not had a singular, spectacular moment when your testimony was born; rather it grew from moment to moment. For me my belief is founded on remembering experiences I have had.

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The Miracles of Leila Jane

Leila Jane

This is the story of our daughter Leila Jane.  It tells how she came into our lives, how many miracles surrounded her adoption story, and what I learned from the experience.  It is an actual father to daughter letter I wrote on the way home on the airplane from picking her up in Alabama.  Normally I don’t share things like this but it is such an amazing story and the fact that so many others were involved in bits and pieces of the story that I wanted them to see the whole picture.  *Many [Names] have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of others.

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It Will Begin In My Sanctuary

I had a strange dream about a week ago with someone telling me several times over and over ‘It will begin in my sanctuary.’ I have no idea what it means if anything at all but the only reference I could find close to it is in Ezekial Chapter 9.

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