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Visions of Glory Review

Visions of Glory Book ReviewIf you have not heard of Visions of Glory by John Pontius then this review should hopefully give you a quick overview of it.  It is a true account of a person with the pseudo-name of ‘spencer’ who had several NDE (near death experiences).  In them he saw heaven and hell as well as specific events in the future that will take place preceding the Millennium reign of Christ.  Some events include seeing the return of the ten tribes of Israel, the building of the New Jerusalem in Jackson County Missouri, a foreign invasion in the U.S., huge intercontinental earthquakes, specific events centered around Salt Lake City, and much more. 

Although most people focus on the future events he sees within his visions there is also much information to be gleaned about the spirit world.  He saw his own birth and angels assisting in his delivery but were unknown to the mortal doctors and nurses.  He was able to see a life review and how his actions affected others, how plants/animals/objects each have their own purpose and measure of life to feel.

This is a LDS faith based book and if you are not LDS some things may be somewhat confusing to you to understand but most of it should be comprehensible.  There are some things in the book that are very symbolic or difficult to understand even if you are LDS.  It is my opinion that many of those portions of his experience that Spencer himself does not fully understand himself but he included the information regardless.

I won’t give away much more detail but this is by far one of my favorite NDE / Last Days Prophecy book combos I have ever read.  It made me excited for future events even though they truly will be marvelous yet dreadful at the same time.  It made me want to live my life better with an eternal perspective to be ready for these events if they do come to pass shortly which I believe they will.

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