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Geneaology & Temple Work – Random Notes of My Thoughts

Temple Work & Genealogy

  • In my patriarchal blessing talks about how I would feel the great spirit of Elijah; I thought it was a mistake until now.
  • About 6 months ago I started feeling very strong I should get into genealogy and temple work.  I inherited about 8 binders of genealogy that my grandmother worked on while she was alive until she passed away in 1994. Read More…

Ancestor Highlight: Lillian Florence Lundgren

lillianLillian Florence Lundgren is my great grandmother.  She was my father’s, father’s mother.  This is her autobiography and an amazing life story.  I am grateful to be one of her descendants.  She had some great trials and blessings in her lifetime.  She tells of seeing her deceased aunt visit her as an angel when she was young, having several siblings and children die of diseases like diphtheria (I have NO IDEA why people are against vaccinations after reading stories like this), having her daughter die because her husband would not believe her that she was sick, having her husband away for months or years at a time for work, having a drunk man try to break into her house and her being protected, having her husband get hurt seriously at work and dying a few years later but not before he embraced Jesus Christ fully.  Its a fun read!

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