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Blood Moons Tetrad – First One is Tonight!

bloodmoon1Some of you may have heard of a ‘blood moon’ and some may not have.  Here is a brief overview to know what it is all about and why this tetrad set of blood moons is significant.  The blood moon tonight will be visible for several hours but the peak happening around 3:45AM EST (1:45 MST)

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Why ’emogan’?

Why did I choose ’emogan’ to be the name of my blog?  This comes from about 15 years ago on my mission in Seoul Korea.  Korean’s have only 3 ‘characters’ in their name, each is only one syllable.  It is hard for many Koreans to pronounce ‘Eric’ in particular.  However I found a common last name is ‘E’ or in English it is usually translated as ‘Lee’.  There was a famous singer name GunMo Kim; however in Korea the last name comes first, so his name there was ‘KimGunMo’

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