Spiritual Thoughts and Genealogy

Dream of Christians Being Murdered

July 29th, 2014:  In this dream the first part my cousin  came to me and he looked scared and worried.  He said he had been having horrible dreams of the future and he told a few people but they mocked him and made fun of him.  He wanted to tell someone about them but was scared to do so.  I told him he could tell me and I would not ridicule him for it and they were probably from God.

Next I zoomed into the middle-east somewhere.  There was a small town square with one car and a guy with an automatic rifle using the car for cover.  There were dead bodies all around him and about 50-100 terrorist looking people getting closer to him.  He shot a few then was overwhelmed and they captured him.  They then started torturing him slowly by tying ropes around his arms and pulling them so tight it starting cutting his arms off.  It was gruesome.  For some reason I knew the man was a Greek Christian but was in the middle-east for some reason.  Most of those around him that were dead on the ground were other Christians, many women and children.  They were being exterminated.

Right after the scene changes to an overview of the US and a huge earthquake hit.  I knew that this happened right after the Christians were killed in the middle east.

This may be nothing at all, and something my brain randomly made up.  Or it may come  from divine sources, I have no idea to be honest. 🙁

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