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Dream on Sept. 6th, 2013

Sept. 6 2013 (During a trip in Nauvoo): This one was just a few days before the other dream I posted… There were many people including family on a high mountain area with cabins. We were there to help some specific extended family members move stuff up to their cabin for storage. They were very preoccupied with their cabin and were not thinking about anything else. There was some snow on the ground but not a lot and it was cold. My aunt asked me to take her baby named ‘angel’. The area was surrounded by steep cliffs with narrow paths. On these trails were many youth running and playing up and down the trails unsupervised. I went exploring the upper trails and after a while I had a dreadful feeling because I noticed I was not holding ‘angel’ anymore. She had slipped out of my arms without me even knowing. I looked for her frantically and found her on a cliff below crying and flipping her body around in a tantrum. She was too far for me to get without killing myself for sure and she eventually flipped herself off the edge thousands of feet below out of my site. It was horrific to watch especially because it was such a helpless situation. I went up and saw my aunt who was leaving the area on a private jet. I told her about angel but she didn’t care and just left.

After waking up and thinking about it I think the baby ‘angel’ represented a literal daughter of the aunt, she has fallen away from the church but I know God still loves her so much. I also felt it represented all our children, that if we do not cling to them and hold them near to us we will run the risk of losing them without even knowing it and at that point we may be almost helpless to save them. The kids running on the path also represented children that have not parental guidance and are led by Satan to dark and damning paths. My extended family I saw represented worldly possessions and obsessions with them. In real life the particular extended family I saw is very worldly. They felt safe higher on the mountain but were not aware their children were on the dangerous paths and if we get too obsessed with material things we won’t be aware of the beauty around us and God in our life.

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