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Dream from Winter 2012

Winter 2012: I had a dream that I was inside a house with my family. I was with my wife, kids, and some extended family. I did not recognize the house or the area. We had a feeling of safety in the house. It was cold outside and winter/lots of snow. There was a small bird feeder box in a tree about 30-40 feet in front of our house. The box had several small birds trying to get food but the box was empty. Everyone in the house was looking out the windows wanting to feed the birds and feeling bad for them but were too scared to do anything. Even though it seemed like it was safe we knew it probably was not. Finally I felt like I had to go feed the birds. I opened the door and went to the bird feeder and filled it up with some seeds. Just as I turned around to go back to the house I subconsciously I knew there was something behind me and I had to RUN to make it to the house. I ran with all my heart and slammed the door behind me. I turned around and looked through a window near the front door and saw a large mountain lion that was trailing me. The family said it was in the tree and started creeping down as I was feeding the birds.

I felt strongly this meant that at some point in the future I would have to go help others that need food or other necessities of life; it will be dangerous but if I do what the Lord says that he will protect me in doing so even if it seems like I am protected at the last second.

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