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Feb. 8th, 2014 Dream of Field and Space Shuttle, 45?

Feb. 8th, 2014:  I had a strange but somewhat vivid dream this day.  I was in a big grass field with my kids and many other kids.  The kids were running around and playing and having fun in general.  There were many parents as well watching with kids, talking to other parents or playing with their kids.  The field went on almost as far as I could see with people everywhere.  It was dusk and getting dark, where you could see the stars.  In the background was a space shuttle that seemed like it was getting ready to launch but it seemed huge in the distant horizon.  As stars started coming out I could look in the sky and see with extreme details hundreds of stars, planets and satellite looking objects.  It seemed as if I could zoom in and look at them in detail.  There was one satellite in particular that seemed much lower than the others and quite large.  It had 50+ small turning ‘fans’ on it that seemed like solar panels.  I could not find a picture of one exactly like what I saw, it was more like a checkerboard and square with each ‘square’ of the checkerboard a solar panel ‘fan’ that would twirl.  The only person in my dream I recognized was a friend from church.  All the sudden I turned to him and told him ‘Look, that satellite is going to fail’. He watched and it did fail, the small panels stopped turning and it started to fall to the earth.  It was very brief then it started up again. I turned to him again and said ‘Hurry, we don’t have much time.  It is going to fail again, let’s get our kids and leave.’  I tried telling others to leave but he was the only one that seemed to listen to me.  We frantically looked for our kids and we were in the process of leaving when I Iooked up and it failed again.  This time it headed down to the Earth and struck the space shuttle tipping it over.  The shuttle was full of a golden fuel but more like thick syrup than water.  It gushed out and started overtaking the field killing everyone in its path.  The number ’45’ came to my mind then I woke up.

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