Spiritual Thoughts and Genealogy

Fireballs in the Sky Dream

A dream I had on 4/28/14.  It was a very short dream but seemed real.  I was at my home and it was just starting to get dark at dusk, yet still bright enough outside to see clearly.  The weather was in the 70’s outside and it seemed like a nice summer evening.  I had the impression that there was some big event that night and it was on the news.  There was to be an amazing meteor shower, unlike almost nothing we had ever seen before so everyone started going outside of their houses to look at the sky and wait for it to come.  After waiting a while a few magnificent fireballs (comets/asteroids/meteors or such) starting showing up in the sky.  They were totally awe inspiring and those around were extremely shocked as well.  They were red and slower moving and much larger than a typical ‘falling star’ which most people were expecting to see in the sky.  A little more time went on and more and more started showing up.  At a certain point one came crashing through out atmosphere and hit the Oquirrh mountains in the distance near the Kennecott mine.  It seemed like it was about the size of a car and made a lot of dirt go up in the air on impact.  It exploded and some people start getting scared and running inside.  I was not afraid but found it fascinating.  I remember seeing more of these going through the atmosphere but I didn’t see any others hit the ground.

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