Spiritual Thoughts and Genealogy

Sept. 25th 2013 Dream from my Dad

Sept. 25th 2013 (dream my father had): I went last night with my father to do some genealogy and temple work for our ancestors. He has had literally hundreds of very short dreams that seem to be related to the last days. Many he has over and over such as one where there is a large wall of water in the West end of the SLC valley rushing over the valley. Many others of the SLC valley being abandoned with garbage, shoes, toys, etc. in the streets and walls starting to crumble, broken windows on all houses, etc. with no people. The one he had yesterday was one where my uncle (his brother) was in a truck across a river on the other side my father was on. There were the remains of a bridge but it had collapsed so only half of it remained somewhat of a ramp. He backed the truck up, then floored it and went as fast as he could to try and jump across the river in the truck. My father said the strange thing was the water was crystal clear and pure, not dirty like we saw recently in flood photos of Colorado flooding, etc. He woke up as my uncle was about to the ramp.

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