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The Leafbug Miracle

Ha, I bet that got your attention.  What do leafbugs and miracles have anything to do with each other at all?  Well I will tell you a story about a little leafbug that changed my outlook on life a recently.

This life can be harsh sometimes, and is meant to be harsh by divine nature.  Adam learned this as he was cast out of his comfortable garden of eden.  We all learn this lesson many times throughout this life.  Things don’t go the way we expect the to, we get stress sometimes from about every angle in life.  Others can disappoint us by their behavior which is contrary to what we would like it to be.  God is our maker and so naturally we turn to curse him on occasion and ask the big question of ‘why me?’  The last few days I had been feeling a little down, overwhelmed, and alone.  This is where this small story begins.

Our main room TV broke and my kids were, sadly, going through withdrawal symptoms without it.  Every day they would ask when it would be fixed so they could watch some tv or play a game again. I purposely put it off for 3-4 days out of curiosity to see how they would fare without it.  Eventually I decided I better go pay for the repair and pick it up.  The shop fixing it was in Orem, about a 45 min. drive from my home.  I hopped in the car and went on my way to get it.  During this time I didn’t turn on the radio or have any distractions but had some time to think to myself and how I could be a better person and be grateful for my blessings rather than stressing about what I thought wasn’t going right in my life.  A few minutes after leaving my home to my surprise I looked across at the passenger window and saw a beautiful little leafbug.   They are just larger than a big grasshopper and have similar legs/head/etc.  I was at a stop light ready to get on the freeway just staring at it.  Odd as it seemed I felt sad that I knew in a few minutes I would be going 80 mph down the freeway and this little guy would fly off and most likely die.  I even grabbed my phone and took a picture of him (if anyone wants to see it let me know and I will transfer it from my phone to the blog post).  I headed down the freeway and I kept glancing over at my new little friend as I could tell he was struggling to hold on for dear life.  He slowly started inching his way up the window and out of site from my perspective.  I thought out loud, “Poor guy, I hope you make it.”  Then I started thinking about my Heavenly Father and if he really knows what is going on in my life or not.  I exclaimed, “Show me a sign God, if you know I am here let this little leafbug still be there when I stop my car in Orem.”

The next 40 minutes or so zoomed by and, as I often do, my thoughts started wandering and  soon forgot about my new-found friend, all too quickly.  I spent about 30 minutes at the shop filling out paperwork, verifying the tv worked again, and loading it in the car with a few other people helping.  I jumped in the car without a thought of the leafbug and started the 45 min. journey home going almost 80 mph the whole way on the freeway.  I got home and was so excited to tell my kids of the ‘surprise’ I had fixed and brought back home that the next hour or so was spent taking the tv back in, hooking it up, and watching the kids sequel with delight as they had their tv back again.  The kids played with some friends for a few hours and it came time for us to head out for a dinner excursion.  In our haste of getting the tv inside we left the SUV tailgate wide open as well as the garage.  One of my kids got excited and started stammering, “Look, its a leafbug!”  Having totally forgot my friend I turned and looked at the driveway to see my little friend inching his way down.  I was excited and tried to pick him up with my hand and he flew off into the neighbors yard.  I know it was a miracle he stayed on the car that long, going that fast, and even after I came home for several hours.  The chances of that happening are miniscule.  I immediately remembered my plea to our Father in Heaven, “If you know me, show me a sign, let this leafbug make it to Orem.” and I heard the distinct answer from our Father in Heaven, “I will do more than that, I know about all you are going through.  It is all part of a plan, life is rough but you will learn from it.  I even care about this little leafbug.  I care about you even that much more.  I had your little friend not only make it to Orem for you, but all the way back home and I had him wait several hours before you would remember him and your plea to me but I did not forget.  I am here if you just look for me and I will never never forsake you.”

That, my friends, is how a leafbug became a small miracle in my life.

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    Of course we want to see the photo!

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