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Temple Work for a Dear Friend

One of my best friends from my high school days committed suicide in 2005. It was a tragedy and very sorrowful to hear at the time. Over the last several years I have thought about him on and off many times; wondering what state he is in now. His mother was Luterhan and his father was LDS but inactive for 30+ years. During his life and when I knew him he followed the Lutheran faith although he was not religious in general.

Something strange happened recently regarding this friend. Starting about the first day of February 2014 I kept getting strong impressions to do his temple work but I pushed the feelings aside thinking they were crazy since I would have to get his family’s permission and I had not seen them in 15 years. Well, I finally broke down after more prompting like this and drove to his parent’s house; not even knowing if they even live there anymore. I knocked on the door and his father answered. He did not recognize me at first but once I mentioned who I was he remembered and kindly let me in. We spoke for about 20-30 minutes about his son and good memories of him. I let him know my feelings and that I desired to do his son’s temple work for him. He smiled and said “I would love for you to do that”. I was actually shocked but grateful at the same time. I thanked him and told him it would be an honor for me to do so. I went home feeling the spirit that this was meant to be and my dear friend has been nagging at me directly to get his work done for him; that he has been suffering much the past 9 years but now he is ready to move on and get his ordinances done.

I got home and entered his name into the computer to reserve his work for him. I am excited that soon I will be able to do temple work for someone I knew while in the flesh and hope that he will accept this offering which I am sure he will.

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